So I Got Curves

A blog by a curvy girl…for curvy girls…and everyone else!

About This Blog…

I’ve been curvy my entire life, and I used to have very low esteem, ashamed of the way I was made.

All because my friends were petite, the images of “perfect women” were stick figures with a half an inch of fat on their bodies (if there was any at all), and because of the ways that people would look at me.

But now, I am wiser.

I know what flatters my curves and shows them off well.

I am in love.

With myself and my curves.

I am wanting to help those people in the world to understand that they should love themselves. They should be proud of the way they are.

this blog is truly for everyone. follow me on my life journey! i talk about health, beauty, food, fashion, decor, relationships, everything. there is something on this blog for everyone.

enjoy! :)<3*


One comment on “About This Blog…

  1. rawmultimedia
    June 5, 2013


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