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I. Love. Sweat.

Please enjoy this before and after picture of my day at the gym. After an hour of being in the gym, (30 minutes on treadmill, 30 minutes on weights), this is my end result.
The before says: I’m amazing, I got this. And the after says: okay…two miles on a treadmill is a little longer than I thought.
Either way, I felt soo exhilarated afterwards! I love seeing the progress that I’ve made, and I lovee sweating. It just makes me feel so accomplished!
So far this month I’ve made sure to exercise AT LEAST 10 minutes a day. (Because I’m a full time student, it’s hard to fit exercising into my schedule, so setting a small goal like that makes it easier to stick too.)
Now my next step is reeeaallly watching what I eat . The only place where I mess up is choosing the food I snack on, and I know that is many people’s downfall.
Just switch your snacks from chips and muffins to fruits and veggies and you should be good!
Happy Healthiness!!PhotoGrid_1389499220560


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