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New Blog for a New Year

New Blog for a New Year

Well…not really.
Sorry, I lied, but I thought the title rolled off the tongue nicely!

But yes, no new blog, however, I will be improving many things.
Like hey, here’s a thought…maybe I’ll put up posts more than once every two months!
ooh and here’s another one! Maybe because my blog is called, “So I’ve Got Curves”, I’ll post more about my curves and more about plus size fashion!
*shake my head*
Dont worry everyone, I’m back on! I have to represent for my fellow “thicker than most” women!
“So I’ve Got Curves is back!!!”

***I hope you enjoyed this very sarcastically toned post. Well, the beginning was sarcastic, but the rest was very serious.***
*insert stern look here*

P.s. Don’t you just loveeee my outfit? Post on it coming up next! 😉


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