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No More Waiting ‘Til New Years

No More Waiting 'Til New Years

Ok…so its almost 11 o’clock and the choices of “after hours rummage food” are narrowed down to leftover lasagna or fresh artisan salad and I choose…unlike any sane person…artisan salad! I don’t know, I guess my body knows what it wants! So I went ahead and ate the salad, and surprisingly I was perfectly satisfied. I didn’t even steal a bite of lasagna afterwards like I had planned too!
Anyways, I don’t know who I can inspire today or tonight, but if I don’t end up helping anyone else, at least I can help myself.
Dear Karra,
Your body knows what it wants, your mind knows what it wants. Do not procrastinate, for that is what the Leo’s tendency is. Don’t wait until new years to do your annual, “This upcoming year I’ll lose the rest of this weight.” No ma’am you will not make the same mistake again. Follow what you feel is right, do not indulge in things that are not helping you for the better. Continue to make these types of small changes, and in the end, you will see the grand result! Little changes in your life will come together and make a huge difference.


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