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Raw Allure is Back! …With Quite a Vengeance ;)

Soo…you remember that last kind’ve borderline depressing post I did a few days ago? Haha, well it was semi-inspirational, but I was actually really upset when I was writing it, so it was “depressing” for me.

Well! I’m actually BEYOND excited now! tehe.

I really didn’t think that I would be this happy so soon…

Anyways, you know that job I have that’s kinda like…um, “no thanks”? Well, working there has actually helped me tremendously. Now I still owe some people in my life (mom) more money, and so I pay her a little from each paycheck. But the rest of my check I BLEW yesterday on all of the materials and containers and blah blah blah that I needed for my shop! (Oh, but don’t forget my tithes. I paid those too people.)

It was soo exciting! Like, when I started making the products again, and packaging them just how I wanted, I was exhilarated! The entire time I was thinking, “Now THIS is what working is supposed to be likeSONY DSC!” 

It just felt SO good to be doing something that I LOVE doing! Doing something that I actually wanted to do! Being my own BOSS!

So look out people, Raw Allure will REALLY be back in business soon. Probably by the end of this week! Be on the lookout!

***A coupon code will be given so that you can get free shipping, and if you buy a product, you’ll get a “Thank you” coupon also***


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