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Embracing my “Raw Allure”

For those of you who are not familiar with my line of handmade body scrubs, (oh, and lotions and perfumes that for some reason aren’t uploaded onto my site…awkward….) hahaha , then check me out here!

And…omg, I’ve realized that I never even made a proper introduction for my shop! *Insert dramatic gasp here*

Soo…at first I wanted to name my shop “Belleza Natural” (Spanish for Natural Beauty), but I then realized that if I did that, some people might not know what it means, or they’ll think that the shop is only pointed towards Hispanics. But the name was sooo beautiful to say! I didn’t want to just name my shop: Natural Beauty! Umm yeah, NO! haha so after going back and forth through all types of synonyms…THAT was how I got the name Raw Allure. And I love that name even more because it’s soo, well, RAW! And that’s exactly how I like to think of my products. So, there you go!

But I’ve actually started using the term Raw Allure in my everyday conversations, it kind of sticks, you know?!

So anyways, back to the point, I’ve finally started to embrace my “Raw Allure”! Proof here:  haha

And if you remember, I had cut my hair awhile back…  

Now, after plenty of trials and errors, and I do mean, PLENTY, my hair looks even more beautiful now! I am so in love with it’s natural texture!


I almost cried just because I couldn’t believe that I had made it this far. lol. But I am SO serious. I REALLY cried when I found out that I could wear a headband now!! Ahhhh. Life is good . haha

How are YOU embracing your Raw Allure???


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