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Nothing but Flowers, Shea Butter, and Lace

Beauty shines through your eyes.

Beauty shines through your smile.

Inner beauty outshines all other flaws.

Let your inner beauty show.

Soooo…I haven’t posted in awhile..Special thanks goes to not having any internet at home now. URG. But a lot has happened recently! One thing is that I have graduated! Yes, me! I have graduated an entire year early through home schooling with my beloved mother. ❤ So for my graduation day, my mommy bought me this beautiful lace dress, that I love with all my heart. And I decided to really just embrace my natural beauty for that day. Show the real me. So, I wore nothing but flowers, Shea butter, lace, and a big smile on my face. Hashtag, No makeup lol. (Well, I mean, except for lip gloss. A girl can never leave home without her lip gloss people. 😉 ) Sadly wearing any makeup has started breaking my face out anyways. SIGH. Sooo this day was kind of a must. Sometimes we need to give our skin a break girls! 🙂

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3 comments on “Nothing but Flowers, Shea Butter, and Lace

  1. purpleraysblog
    June 29, 2013

    Welcome back and have a ‘smilefull’ weekend!

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