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Every Time You Smile at Someone, it is an Action of Love, a Gift to that Person, a Beautiful Thing- Mother Teresa

  1. Smiling can boost your mood! So even if you’re stressed, just forcing yourself to smile can make you tons happier!
  2. Smiling also boosts your immune system: When you smile, your entire body is relaxed and it releases endorphins. When you are relaxed and stress free, your physical health improves extremely, making way for a strong immune system.
  3. People “catch” smiles: Smiling is most definitely contagious, if you don’t believe me, scientists have even proved it! They saw that in a study, people actually had difficulty frowning when they saw the other subjects smiling. Their faces gave in to smiling without them even trying!
  4. Smiling makes you more attractive and approachable: Leave the makeup at home, girl. (or boy?….humph.) If you want to be more attractive, THAN YOU ALREADY ARE, then, put a smile on your face! People have stated that they find people who smile waaaay more attractive and approachable.
  5. Smiling can help you land a job: If you’re like me, trying to get a summer job, or even a promotion, then smiling is your secret weapon! It’s worked for me a few times! They always said the same thing, “Your attitude and your smiling is great, I would love to have you on my team! -Of course, I still don’t have a job, but it’s all because people obviously don’t read the entire application to see how old you are any more. They call you to come all the way to an interview and when you get there, your birth date suddenly appears in 32 font, instead of the 12 font that’s always been used. And then they palm their foreheads and say, “Ohhhh, how old are you again?” And I say, “Well, on the application I said that I was 16, but I WILL be 17 in July!” and I laugh. And then they say, “Oh I am so sorry sweetheart, you aren’t even old enough to work here, I’m sorry for wasting your time. In about 2 more years you’d be perfect for this job!” And then I say “Thank you for this opportunity anyways”, and in my head, I say, “Why can’t people read the application before you get there? And why don’t they have some type of  “blocking” system, so once you fill in the birth date, it sees that you are not old enough, and then it stops you from filling out the rest of the application and says something like, “We’re sorry, but we can see that you are under age, try again in 2 years.” Do you see how much easier life would be?” 

Oh, I am so sorry, that was not the real point I was trying to make here today. The point of this blog post is to encourage you to open up those pretty mouths, and SMILE. Smiling is a joyous thing. It makes the world go ’round!


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