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Join Me on My New Journey: The “WeCOPE” Movement!

WeCOPE: We Change Our Personal Experiences

Fact: Almost 30,000 people every single year, commit suicide. (

Fact: More than 20 million people suffer from depression in the United States in a given year. (Berne, Emma Carlson. 2007. Depression. Farmington Hills, MI: The Gale Group.)

Fact: There are 5 different types of anxiety disorders that exist. (

Fact: Stress is linked to the 6 leading causes of death. (

Fact: Intimate Partner Violence accounts for a significant number of deaths among women, almost 40-70 percent of female murder victims. (

Fact: The WeCOPE movement can help change, and save lives.

-This movement is really focused towards people who are suffering from stress, depression, intimate partner violence, a broken heart, anxiety, suicidal issues, etc.

-I am not an expert. I haven’t gone through training that shows you how to deal with people who are going through these type of situations. All I know is that I have suffered from a few of these issues myself, and I don’t want other people to go through it alone, like most people do. I know that I am in love with helping people to feel better, and change the way that they look at things. I love to know that we, as human beings, at least have the power to save someone’s life. Save them from losing their minds. Save them from wasting their lives away.

-If you feel the same way, or if you are one of these people, then join the WeCOPE movement. Show some support by signing the online “petition”. Signing it is just a way of saying that you support WeCOPE and showing them that they are not alone. Or maybe you are one of “them”. Sign the petition to show Life that you aren’t afraid to live it!

<a href=””>The WeCOPE Movement Petition | GoPetition</a>


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