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So my wonderful aunt recently showed me this picture, and told me that I should elaborate more on it.

 So apparently, there’s a department store in Sweden, that makes, well, NORMAL SIZED mannequins (finally). The mannequins in this picture are sizes 12 and 16. Really, these are the average sizes of women today.

Now, I think that this is great, and that these mannequins should be used over here in the US too! Women should not have to compare themselves to the size 4 mannequins that we see all the time in the stores. That’s why the clothes on the mannequins never really fit anyway! Haven’t we all seen that on the smaller mannequins, the people who work at the store have to use clamps on the back of the clothes so that they fit better?! I mean, come on!

But on the other hand, (the hand that I’m not shaking, tehe), other people are thinking that these mannequins are condoning obesity. That, if they make mannequins that big, then people are going to not try to lose weight and get healthy any more. Enh! Wrong!
In the words of one of the smart commenter’s on the picture, “Sooo do the skinny mannequins promote anorexia?” If stores would use more bigger and shapelier mannequins, women would feel more confident to buy and wear these clothes, because they know that they will look good in them. And I don’t know about you guys, but for me, even when I do feel confident in myself, it just makes me want to get more in shape, and more healthy. Not just, stay the same and get even bigger!

But, well, sigh, maybe that’s just me. What do you guys think?


2 comments on “Her WHAT is HOW BIG?!

  1. Reserved Love
    May 6, 2013

    I wanted to vote “no” on your poll, but I didn’t agree with the second part of the response. I don’t think it would make women get fatter or not want to lose weight. They should not have to compare their bodies to mannequins (which are fake and made to a certain size).

    • So I Got Curves
      May 6, 2013

      Ahh I see…so do you think that there should even be mannequins at all? Because I know lots of people who actually DO compare themselves to them. It’s sad, but…

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