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“Side Note Saturday” Look AMAZING in 5 minutes

Get Glam in 5 minutes!

Each of these steps take less than or equal to 5 minutes. You can use them on different occasions, or all at once! Here are a few surefire ways to get your glam showing when you’re in a hurry! Be sure to keep coming back for more Side Note Saturdays!!

1. Use a hydrating mist everyday right before you go out! Here is a quick recipe:

-Take equal parts water and witch hazel and blend together in a spray bottle

-Add some “smell good” essential oils (my favorites: lavender, honey almond, cucumber melon, vanilla…)

-Blend all of the ingredients together, and you’re done!

2. Jog in place for 5 minutes or do 500 jogs in place. This will give you a perfect glow right before you head out, without making you get sweaty!

3. It may sound backwards, but after applying makeup, either hop in the shower, so that the steam can set your makeup naturally, or at least sit in the bathroom while the shower is on. Or fill a bowl with steamy water, and hover your face over the bowl, but be careful not to make contact with the bowl or the water, so that you don’t burn yourself! The point here is to let the steam really set your makeup, and at the same time, give you that natural glow.

4. If you want your cheekbones to really stand out, and you don’t own a highlighter, use a shimmery white eye shadow to act as a highlighter, and apply it right above those amazing cheekbones of yours!

5. If your face is extra puffy from a long night out, or a restless night:

In the morning, make your washcloth soaking wet with warm water, and hold it against your skin. Then, rinse, and give your face a good ol’ splash with freezing cold water. Those pores will open up with the warm water, and close with the cold water, and the blood flow will be stimulated, making those puffy bags and puffy cheeks go away!



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