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So I invented this word awhile back, I’ve got the copyright thingy to prove it!

Basically, it’s where you take those annoying little flaws that you have, (or think you have) and find the beauty in them all. Hence, the name, Beauti-Flaw.

Take one of mine for instance.


So for the longest time, I had been told that I had the most pearliest, whitest, teeth that anyone could ask for, and the best smile. And I was proud of it too. But one day this one girl tried to bring me down, saying, “It’s only because she has darker skin, the darker the skin you have, the whiter your teeth seem. And, anyways, she has an overbite.” And she swooshed her long, flowing, black hair, and walked away.

So first of all, who did she think she was?! And second of all, um, what was an overbite? Sad, I know, but I didn’t know. I was young, you guys. The point is, for the next four years, I was stressing over the fact that I had this strange thing, called an overbite. I ended up going to the library to see what it was. Oh no! My upper teeth are overlapping my lower teeth?! And I would stand in the mirror everyday, trying to make my teeth straighter. I would hold my jaw a certain way with both hands for 2 minute intervals, I would  push and push my teeth in with all my might.

And well, of course, nothing happened.

I cried and cried, especially around the time of yearbook pictures. (But sadly, I was never given the ability to do “closed-mouth smiles” and look pretty, so I was stuck showing my teeth.)

But guess what? One year we were doing superlatives as a class, and who got rated BEST SMILE?? Hmmm? ME. That’s right. Out of 32 people, I was voted best smile.

“Karra your teeth are perfect” “Yeah, Karra, I wish I had your teeth” “And you never even wore braces?!” “They are sooo white!” “And the way that your teeth, like, fall…wow…”

So the very thing that I was stressing over, “the way that my teeth fell”, was the very thing that people were actually wishing their teeth did.

Nowadays, I mean, I do feel as though I probably need to get some braces…

But either way, I am in love with my smile. Not trying to toot my own horn here, but “TOOOOT!” My smile can brighten an entire room! (so I’ve been told.) tehe.

I have plenty more beauti-flaws, but I don’t want to waste your time. I want YOU to find your beauti-flaws. What is that one thing that you don’t really like about yourself? Well take that, and figure out why it adds to your beauty.

Maybe it’s your freckles, or acne, or a gap in your teeth, or your bushy eyebrows. Maybe it’s your butt, or your chest, or your legs. Or maybe it’s something more, inside, like your laugh, or your attitude, or your overly sensitive side.

Be bold and brave, share your beauti-flaws with the world.

What is your beauti-flaw?



3 comments on ““Beauti-Flaws”

  1. Brandye Dague
    June 6, 2013

    I’ve read a few of your posts now & I really like u! You seem so real, so fun, so confident & content – u r beautiful! How old are you? I only ask b/c u seem young & if your young like I’m thinking your so beyond your years in wisdom! All who come across your blog are blessed!

    • So I Got Curves
      June 7, 2013

      Thanks, I like you too! Haha, well your intuition was right on it. I’m actually 16, but I’ll be 17 in July! Thank you so much for your kind words! I feel so special 🙂

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