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No, this isn’t going to be a post with a picture of me doing a weekly #selfiesunday picture, but for those of you who always participate in “selfie sunday”, I’m going to show you how to move away from the duck lip photos and bring the attention to your eyes. Even Miss Tyra Banks would be proud of you for using your eyes to “smize”. Well, maybe.

Most women think that in order to make their eyes pop, they would need to wear a ton of eye shadow and eyeliner. But sometimes babe, less is more.

Take Taylor Swift, for instance, who is well known for her winged eyeliner and soft, smokey eye:


She’s stepped away from that for awhile, and gone over to the other side. A bare, nude look.


And hey, I think it makes her eyes look even brighter, and more wide awake. Also, it gives her a young, fresh look.

So, you’re too nervous to go all the way naked, without any makeup, huh? Well, you don’t have too, but in order to get a more natural look, sort of similar to this one:

1. Prime your face

2. Apply a concealer, two shades lighter than your skin, to wherever it is needed

3. Instead of using a black eyeliner, use a light brown eyeliner on your waterline

4. Use Vaseline to take the place of your eye shadow.  Beware, it gets a little sticky, but it will brighten your eyes, and any light will reflect off of them

5. Take a light shadow, preferably white, and place it in your inner corners of your eyes

6. Use the Vaseline and place it right underneath the arch of your brows

7. Take a white pencil and line the inner corners of your eyes.

8. Curl your lashes (mascara is an option for this look)

9. Top it off with a nude gloss on your lips, and you’re finished!

If you try out this look, show it to me!

Send pictures to my email:

or Instagram @TheKarronicoles

or Twitter @TheKarronicoles <<< (even though I’m not on there much. lol. I’ll fix that.)

***Pictures found on Google images***



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