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Show Me Your Peacocks !!



Embrace your inner peacock by following these 5 easy steps!!!


“Spriiiing Time…is Here…Happiness and cheer…Fun for all…”

Sooo I  haven’t posted anything in a minute, and I thought I would come back with this fun look! It’s just the right amount of fun and color mashed together, to create a Springy vibe.

Inspired by the vibrant majestic colors on my Peacock feather earrings, this look is perfect for Spring.

After moisturizing your face and applying your primer and sunscreen, follow these simple steps:

1. Apply an emerald green shadow base.

2. On your inner corners apply a light colored blue shadow.

3. Apply a blue liner and wing it out for a more dramatic look.

4. Apply either a black or blue mascara to finish off the eyes.

5. Because the eyes are the “main idea”, just wear a neutral lip, and you’re finished!


***If you try out this fun beachy look, Show Me Your Peacocks!!!***

Send me a picture!

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