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We’ve Got Pastel Fever! :)<3*

Spring Fever, Pastel Fever, It’s All the Same to Me!

This Spring is going to be all about those pastels. From your “Peachy Tangerines” to your “LalaLavendars”. Pastel colors just sing, Spring!

We’re seeing pastel everywhere, on people’s clothes, accessories, hair, and even bodies! These colors are the PERFECT way to invite Spring to hurry up and make up his mind to be sunny and happy! (Not like this weird weather we’re having in WS, NC. It’s crazy over here!)




And I’ve decided to embrace my Pastel Fever too, don’t you LOVE my blouses?! (Well, the minty green one is mine, and the peachy color is well, borrowed. haha.)  I’ve even made a Unisex lotion in a pale yellow! And the nail polish colors are great for this Spring!

Pastel Fever   Pastel Fever 4  Pastel Fever 3

  Pastel Fever 2     Fever Pastel

***Pictures found on Google, or taken by me***


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