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They RIPPED the Runway!!!

My personal recap of Rip the Runway:

So, the show opened up with MMG’s Rick Ross and Meek Mill performing their hit “Believe It” and Rihanna for River Island’s clothing line models. It was a wild mix of vibrant colors, and loads of spikes. Young, fresh, and dope are the words that I would use to describe it. Just the right amount of colors for this upcoming season.




The sexy hosts walked out (Kelly Rowland and Boris Kodjoe) and they even gave us a mad walk down the runway for our pleasure. LOVED!


The show featured a wide array of colors, textures, and really, don’t forget the spikes. It was a wonderful mash up of sexy, sweet, and edgy.

Now….for our curvy girls!

Oooohweee! They did us right this time girls. Designer Shanda Style REALLY knows what she’s doing. I would die to have a dress from her collection! (Okay, maybe not die, but pass out for a long period of time…lol). (And Omarion singing for us, celebrating our curves was just a plus!)


rip the runway, size sexy model


size sexy model, rip the runwayrip the runway, size sexy modelrip the runway, size sexy modelrip the runway, size sexy modelrip the runway, size sexy modelrip the runway, size sexy model


And it looks like she read my post about wrap dresses, too. ha! Because she had designed some really sexy wrap dresses and mock wrap dresses for us! ugh! The models just looked soooo gorgeous! Really, Miss Shanda, if you are reading this, I would love to have one of your dresses. I would cherish that masterpiece FOREVER! (I’m a big fan of the white dress with the gold waist…hint hint.) hahahaha.


rip the runway, size sexy model


So yes, all joking aside, (even though I wasn’t really joking), Rip the Runway has done it again! They have gotten our juices flowing, so that we can emulate a few of those looks for us to accomplish at home! (or just go buy it!)

They have got me really looking forward to a Spring filled with business meetings, airplane flights, clubbing, and some beachy nights! (You liked that rhyme that I threw in there, didn’t you? 😉 )



Let’s get sexy ladies! Ow!

***all pictures used are from Google, or***

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