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***Step Into the Spotlight***


So for those of you who do not know, I’m being home schooled this year so that I can graduate an entire year early from high school! (I’ll be graduating in May! Woop woop!) And after that, my plans are going bizerk! But, in a good way! I’m going to college in July, to get my license in massage therapy by next year in September! How exciting?! I mean, that would make me like, one of the youngest massage therapists out there! I plan to eventually open my own spa, and use my own bath and body products from my line, RawAllure (on at the spa. (Helping men and women all over the world embrace their natural beauty!!!) So many exciting things, but!

That being said, my thirst for the arts has been well, not so quenched. All throughout school I had included myself in the arts. Dance, chorus, band, theatre…you name it. Just last year, I was actually the lead in the musical we put on!

So being back in home school all by my lonesome (haha) just wasn’t cutting it. I knew that I had to do something about it.

Just recently, I contacted my old drama teacher, wondering how I would beg her to let me be a part of their show!  And, well, I really didn’t even have to ask her anything! The second I found her, she says to me, “Karra! We missed you soooooo much! Please remember that you are still very welcome to participate in our drama activities! I hope you can join us for our musical revue! We have rehearsal on…” (or at least she said something along those lines. tehe.)

But seriously people, did you not just read the words above?! I mean, here I am, all “by my lonesome”, hoping that I could still involve myself in some social activities, and BOOM! here is an opportunity knocking on my door!

Just last week, I was hoping for my chance in the spotlight again, and BOOM, next week, I WILL be in the spotlight again!

The universe is on our side people! Once you ask for something, almost everything in the universe is shifting around, just so that you can have what you want!

Try it out yourself! Make your dreams come true! Sure, things may not come when you want them too, but hey, when one door closes, another one opens!

So go ahead, make your moves, and believe me, the possibilities are endless!

Step into the spotlight! The world is your stage, and  you’re the STAR OF THE SHOW!


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