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Life is Faaaabulous!!!!

Life is Fabulous I don’t know how many people have enjoyed this feeling. I wish that everyone could enjoy this feeling. The feeling of peace, completion, certainty that everything will be alright. I mean, it feels like everything is just, wonderful! Even when people looking at my life from the outside would say that they feel sorry for me… (my parents recently got separated, we’re broke as a joke, and my mom and I have moved into a two bedroom house with my aunt and her husband…) I just laugh, I mean, I literally laugh, what else is there to say?!

Yes, it may seem like I should be upset, but hey, I’m actually the happiest that I have ever been IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. This feeling, or should I just go ahead and say, phenomena that I am experiencing,  is simply amazing. While it seems like almost everything major in my life is falling apart, soooo many more things in my life are going SO right! (I’m graduating high school one year early through homeschooling, receiving scholarships, being accepted into a massage therapy school, being the owner of my own business, Raw Allure, writing two blogs…) So why should I focus on the negative things, when there are so many positive things happening! I mean, this was an amazing conclusion!

This post is just a reminder to you all, that LIFE Is FABULOUS! and YOU ARE TOO!

Whenever you look in the mirror, tell yourself, that “Life is Fab, and not living it is Drab”… (hehe, I just made that one up.)

But really, don’t waste your time fretting the small things, you are too fabulous, and life is too fabulous to waste.

So remember to:

Life is Fabulous


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