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How I Lost 5.3 Pounds In 1 Week; because just losing 5 is Too Easy

Losing 5 pounds is exhilarating. Gives you that PUSH to go even further, you know? And I will, but I want to show you guys how I at least lost these few pounds first.

#1: Do cardio in the mornings…to increase your heart rate and boost that metabolism throughout the day!

#2: Eat 4-6 meals a day. About 2 small meals, 3 light snacks, and a well-balanced dinner. 

#3: Use a smaller plate when making your plate of food. Pile it up with lots of fruits and veggies. Trick yourself into thinking that you’re eating more food than you really are.

#4: Take your vitamins daily to keep your metabolism at its optimum level and so that you get all of your nutrients in.

#5: In between your bites, make sure that you actually set your fork down, and enjoy the chewing process ***it takes 20 seconds for your body to actually realize that you’re full***

#6: Laugh Harrrrddd!!! Laughing, of course, decreases your stress level, and it also speeds up your metabolism. “Kill two birds with one stone! And have a blast doing it!”

#7: DO NOT. I repeat, DO NOT eat two hours before your bedtime. Thank you. 

#8: Sprinkle cinnamon on some of your meals. It increases circulation and it also speeds up your metabolism

#9: Drink a cup of green tea before your meal (it makes you think you’re full, so that you can cut down those extra calories) ===>>>> heck, i was full after drinking that one cup!

#10: Try out those meal substitute shakes! Some of those are pretty “beasty”. (That’s a good thing just so you know.


BONUS: Try out some SWEET SCENTED candles, air fresheners, or even lotion, that have a sweet smell. This will sometimes fix that sweet tooth craving that comes around every now and then. My favorite scent is a vanilla cupcake! YUM!!


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