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Think good thoughts…and good things will come to you. True or False?

Think good thoughts…and good things will come to you. True or false?

So everyone knows at least, subconsciously, that this statement is true. But if you need just a little more proof, let me give you some.

“Room 120”

                    For the past few weeks, I had been feeling like I needed a getaway. I just needed a place to go for a minute. Just a small retreat…away from…well, life, really. I’m sure that everyone’s been there before. Actually, I know everyone’s been there before. But anyways, back to my story. I didn’t really want to go away far, just to a nice hotel. Mind you, I was so… “financially challenged” at the moment. Ha! So that’s when I started to think. “Well, why wouldn’t I be able to get a free room? I think I deserve one. I mean, I just want a break!” So, I asked the atmosphere around me for a free room at a nearby hotel, and then I started believing that I already had the room. Pretending that I was in the room, relaxing, loving life, all of that good stuff. Do you know that that upcoming Friday night, I walked into that hotel, and received a free room?!

Answer: True.


“Tick-Tock Clock”

This one might be a little easier for you guys to believe, if the other story was hard to believe. So, I love decorating, and I love to buy things to put up in my home, and I had been eyeballing the perfect clock for my bedroom for the longest while at Wal-Mart. Now, once again, I was quite “financially challenged” at the time, so I couldn’t afford to buy it.

That week I was invited to a Christmas party, and we were all supposed to bring a gift. Now, what do you think the gift that I received was? Hmmm? The clock. The exact clock that I was eyeballing in Wal-Mart.

(Now, if you want that story to be even more believable…for you guys that want to put a damper on things, no, I didn’t get the gift right away. Someone else had gotten the gift first, but in this game, you can “steal” gifts from the other participants. So, of course I “stole” it! It was meant to be! And there were plenty of other chances for people to “steal” my gift, but no one did! Don’t mess with my destiny people! Haha)

Answer: True.


This story is basically the opposite of the other stories.  I go to visit my dad at his job, and he is PISSED. Why? He told me that right at the end of his shift, he had to deal with two “jack butts”. And whether or not he wanted to admit it, his entire attitude towards going to work that day was kind’ve suckish anyway. (Love you dad!! Haha) So I asked him a question. “Now dad, admit it, all day you’ve been thinking to yourself, I hope I don’t have to deal with any jack butts today, haven’t you?” And guess what? He said ‘yeah’.

Answer: True

There you can see a classic example of what people do everyday. They hope for things not to go wrong, and because they think something will go wrong, it happens. It’s just a fact.

So, after these small things happening, I’m going to have to go with the answer, True.

Think good thoughts…and good things will come to you. True or False?

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