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Beauty Comes Naturally :)

I’ve Gone Totally Natural!!!



On the way to the barbershop…nervous….

 During! OMG!

Afterwards…a natural beauty was born again…lol

So…for awhile I’ve known that I needed to get my hair cut, in order to get rid of all of the chemicals that were eating my hair up. But I wasn’t prepared when my mom “kidnapped” me, saying we were going on a few errands….yeah right. ha ha. Our conversation:

mom: I think we should just get it over with and do it now.

me: Um, do what now?

mom: Get your hair cut.

me: Um ok, when? Like today?

mom: Like within this hour. Like in a few minutes.

me: Oh Lord.

So yeah, that was that and I got my hair cut! Nerve wracking, but a great end result don’t you think?

I feel so free now! And a lot happier. Turnin’ heads everywhere I go! LOL :)<3*


7 comments on “Beauty Comes Naturally :)

  1. Reserved Love
    December 14, 2012

    I love your new cut. It really looks good on you 🙂

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