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Fall/Winter OOTD…for Curvy Girls ;)

Fall/Winter OOTD...for Curvy Girls ;)

Now girls, this is the absolute perfect look for Fall and/or Winter! And I mean, perfect. It’s warm and comfy, plus conservative and sexy at the same time!
I love cropped blazers because they hit your waist at exactly the right place…slimming you down a little. Underneath I am wearing a flowery lace top. Lace tops are perfect for everyone and everything.
Lace tops are just so cute! Everyone looks good in lace. Lace blouses, lace tank tops, lace shorts, lace skirts…Pick one. Everybody needs a little lace.
These skinny jeans are perfect because the material stretches and clings to your body better than anything else. (These were actually flare jeans,but I made them into skinnies…watch my tutorial here: Also, they hit right at my ankle, not making me seem shorter, lengthening my legs.
Paired with my platform sky high heels, I look as tall as a supermodel. (I’m 5’7″, wearing 6-inch heels…) A great look for those who are a little bigger than others.
This look commands attention from everyone. Wearing this outfit, you walk into any room with an attitude like, “Yeah, I’m that chick.” :)<3*


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