“I just want to show plus size girls and women all over the world that you don’t have to be a size small to feel beautiful and confident.” -Karra K aka TheKarronicoles

I. Love. Sweat.

Please enjoy this before and after picture of my day at the gym. After an hour of being in the gym, (30 minutes on treadmill, 30 minutes on weights), this is my end result.
The before says: I’m amazing, I got this. And the after says: okay…two miles on a treadmill is a little longer than I thought.
Either way, I felt soo exhilarated afterwards! I love seeing the progress that I’ve made, and I lovee sweating. It just makes me feel so accomplished!
So far this month I’ve made sure to exercise AT LEAST 10 minutes a day. (Because I’m a full time student, it’s hard to fit exercising into my schedule, so setting a small goal like that makes it easier to stick too.)
Now my next step is reeeaallly watching what I eat . The only place where I mess up is choosing the food I snack on, and I know that is many people’s downfall.
Just switch your snacks from chips and muffins to fruits and veggies and you should be good!
Happy Healthiness!!PhotoGrid_1389499220560

New Blog for a New Year

New Blog for a New Year

Well…not really.
Sorry, I lied, but I thought the title rolled off the tongue nicely!

But yes, no new blog, however, I will be improving many things.
Like hey, here’s a thought…maybe I’ll put up posts more than once every two months!
ooh and here’s another one! Maybe because my blog is called, “So I’ve Got Curves”, I’ll post more about my curves and more about plus size fashion!
*shake my head*
Dont worry everyone, I’m back on! I have to represent for my fellow “thicker than most” women!
“So I’ve Got Curves is back!!!”

***I hope you enjoyed this very sarcastically toned post. Well, the beginning was sarcastic, but the rest was very serious.***
*insert stern look here*

P.s. Don’t you just loveeee my outfit? Post on it coming up next! ;)

it’s what you (literally) make of it.


Tonight’s attire is a black dress, well, not really.

I took a long black skirt and paired it with a long black sleeve shirt with a black lacy scarf to use as a belt. And on my feet I’m wearing the most comfortable black platform wedges that have ever been created. And I’m wearing the most beautiful cameo earrings that I died and ressurected for when I saw them in Forever 21. Ha! And this beautiful gold necklace that I also decided to buy basically goes with everything in my closet.

Well, I must say that I am quite satisfied with this look for just a laid back family dinner party. Yes, im THAT relative. I get it from my mommy!


No More Waiting ‘Til New Years

No More Waiting 'Til New Years

Ok…so its almost 11 o’clock and the choices of “after hours rummage food” are narrowed down to leftover lasagna or fresh artisan salad and I choose…unlike any sane person…artisan salad! I don’t know, I guess my body knows what it wants! So I went ahead and ate the salad, and surprisingly I was perfectly satisfied. I didn’t even steal a bite of lasagna afterwards like I had planned too!
Anyways, I don’t know who I can inspire today or tonight, but if I don’t end up helping anyone else, at least I can help myself.
Dear Karra,
Your body knows what it wants, your mind knows what it wants. Do not procrastinate, for that is what the Leo’s tendency is. Don’t wait until new years to do your annual, “This upcoming year I’ll lose the rest of this weight.” No ma’am you will not make the same mistake again. Follow what you feel is right, do not indulge in things that are not helping you for the better. Continue to make these types of small changes, and in the end, you will see the grand result! Little changes in your life will come together and make a huge difference.